Wholesale Electric Inc is a professional electrical supply company that can provides lots of products with very good price and quality. Whether you are the wholesalers, retailers, project contractors or homeowners, we have all the products that you need. We have exported large quantity of electrical products to lots of countries in the world and received a lot of praise from customers.

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Wholesale electric Lighting

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Our lighting products can be used indoor or outdoor and there are plenty of models with different parameters for selection. For example, the sizes of panel lights can be 30 x 30cm, 60 x 60cm, 30 x 120cm, 60 x 120cm and so on. The color temperature can be warm white, pure white, cold white and others.

Wholesale Electric Inc can supply all kinds of lighting products. If you can not find the products in our websites, you can use the contact us page to send the products with requirements to us. According to your requirements, we will sent the quotation with best price to you ASAP.

Wholesale electric wire & cable

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The length of one coil of wire is about 600 meters. You can cut the wire to the length you need with scissors. In addition to the common wire, we can also supply lots of wholesale electric finished cables, such as HDMI cable, USB cable and many others.

Wholesale electric INC can also provide plenty of custom cables. Lots of projects need to use the cables with custom length and interface. If you need such products, please send the mechanical drawing to us. We will make according to your requirements.

Wholesale electric circuit breakers

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The high quality circuit breaker is very reliable and can protect your home very well. Every family uses many different appliances, some of which are aging. The risk of short circuit of these appliances is much higher than that of new appliances. When a short circuit occurs, if the breaker cannot be disconnected in time, it will be very dangerous.

Wholesale Electric Inc has lots of circuit breakers with high quality and good price for sale. The larger the quantity, the better the price. The circuit breakers have many different parameters, such as the rated current, rated voltage, number of output interfaces and others. There are plenty of different breakers for selection here. If you are searching the wholesale electric suppliers of such product, we are your best choice.

Wholesale electric tools

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Tools are very useful in our daily life. Basically every family has a toolkit and you often need to use it. For example, you buy an oil painting from the Internet, and then you need to put it on the wall. There is no need to find a worker for such a small thing. You can do it yourself and what you need is just a hammer.

Wholesale electric Inc can provide plenty of tools. If you have the list of the tools you need, please send to us. We will send the quotation with the best price back to you. Although we don’t produce lots of tools directly, the quality of the wholesale electric tools we provide is very good. We will check all the products before they are shipped out.

Wholesale electric conduit & raceways

wholesale Conduit & Raceways|

The pipes are widely used in our daily life. For instance, when you decorate a house, workers will put all the wires through plastic pipes and hide them under the walls and floors. The pipes can protect all the wires for a very long time. When you water your garden, you need plastic hoses.

Wholesale Electric Inc has many kinds of conduit & raceways with different parameters for sale. For example, the diameter of the pipes can be 25mm, 16mm and so on. The color can be white, red, green, etc. The material can be PVC, metal and others. If you need the wholesale electric conduit & raceways, please feel free to contact us.

Other wholesale electric products

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  • Wiring devices: Wiring devices contain many kinds of switches, wall mount dimmers and so on. The amount of usage of such products are very large. Dozens of products are needed in a house.
  • Safety products. Wholesale electric safety products contain the emergency lights and others. We produce the emergency lights by ourselves. The price and quality are the best.
  • Electrical enclosures. Electrical enclosures contain the fire extinguisher, fire hydrant and so on. The sizes of enclosures are custom.
  • In addition to the above products, we have many more wholesale electric products for sale. Please send the list of the products you need to us, we will do our best to work for you.

Why wholesale electric INC

Pretty Price

We know that only by making money for our customers can we make money. As a electric supply company with long history, we always control our cost strictly. If you want to save your budget or find the best electrical supply stores, wholesale electric INC is your best choice. Compared with our competitors, we have the advantage of price.

First of all we control the cost of materials from our suppliers. The second, we located in China. Compared with our competitors, the costs of our labor, rent, water and electricity are much lower. The third, we produce lots of wholesale electric products directly, such as lighting fixtures, emergency lights etc. We have our own factory and we manage the production process strictly to improve the efficiency.

Best Quality

Quality is the life of a company. Good quality is the most important for any products. wholesale electric INC know that very well and we control our quality very strictly. Our products have also had quality problems, and the lesson is very profound.

In 2013, we sent 250 pieces wholesale electric panel lights which were produced by ourselves to our customer. When they received them, they found the position of the label was wrong. Our workers didn’t label according to the mechanical drawing. Finally, we could only reproduce a batch of products and sent them to our customer.

After that, we know that quality is too important for every wholesale electric product. We will check every kind of products carefully before they are shipped out. For the products that we produce directly, we will check the quality of materials from our suppliers first. We also have many quality control personnels to check the quality in production process.

As the professional wholesale electric company, we provide long warranty for all our products we supply. If you find the quality problems, no worries, please contact with us. We will do our best to help you solve it.

Fast Delivery

Fast delivery is more and more important in now days. No one want to wait a long time for the wholesale electric products that they have placed the orders. That’s why lots of clients search  the electrical suppliers near me online. It just take about several hours to buy from the nearby electrical stores.

With the development of express, it takes less and less time to buy wholesale electric products from a long distance. For example, it just takes about 3 days by air to receive products from China to USA. If the packages of electric products are not large, we recommend to ship by air. If the packages are large, we recommend to ship by sea and it takes about 25 days to receive them.

Wholesale electric INC always do our best to ship out as soon as possible. Normally, if we have stock, we can send the next day after we receive your orders. For the products we produce by ourselves, it takes about 15 to 20 days to ship out after we receive the orders. If you are very urgent, please tell us, we will work overtime at night and on weekends.

Custom Products

Although the common products are the most popular, lots of projects need the custom products. For example, one of our clients needed the 400 square meters wholesale electric LED panel lights for metro station. We designed and produced the panels for them.

Wholesale electric INC is not only an electrical wholesaler, but also a factory and a design company. We have professional engineers who have rich experiences to design the custom products. If you can design by yourself, we can also make according to your mechanical drawings. If you don’t want to design, you can send your detail requirements to us. We can design for you for free.